Factory Apavisa is a producer of high quality ceramic tiles and gres porcelain, with unique durability characteristics.
Apavisa is presented in 90 countries
Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain.
Factory Apavisa is a producer of high quality ceramic tiles and gres porcelain, with unique durability characteristics.

Apavisa offers gres porcelain of various design — imitation of beton and cement, carpet and metal, marble and granite, the material is presented in different sizes and colors.
Factory Apavisa is the leading producer of gres porcelain.
Modern technological process and machines, competent employees allow to produce materials supplied to more than 90 countries.

Unique ceramic tiles of Apavisa with outstanding technical characteristics is used in thousands of projects, among which are public buildings, commercial centers, offices, banks, restaurants, private houses and shops.

The assortment of gres porcelain collections of Apavisa is various. The gres porcelain of Apavisa has got outstanding durability, for this reason it is often used in the interiors of public buildings, where the requirements for the resistance to abrasion and to the esthetical look are rather high.
Collection Iconic of Apavisa is imitating natural wood.
It is such a perfect imitation, that one can hardly understand that it is gres porcelain.

Collection Materia by Apavisa can be used for wall and for floor.
Recently Apavisa has developed a new collection – Nanofacture – the imitation of fabrics.

The patented technology of production is top secret.

Collection Neocountry — is gres porcelain which suits for the floors and for the walls, this collection is imitating aged stone.

There's a particular tile in this collection – the hexagonal tiles.
These tiles have very high technical characteristics, so they can be used in any buildings and will be appropriate in any interior.
Collection Inox (gres porcelain for wall and for floor) can be used in high traffic places.
Collection Patina for floor and for wall is imitating the aged surface.
This material is full body gres porcelain.
Apavisa Pulpis — gres porcelain for wall and floor — it is symbiosis of stone and wood; Apavisa Metal collection is also for wall and for floor – it is imitation of metal surface.
Such kind of material can be used for covering horizontal and vertical surfaces, and it is frost resistant.
Presented in 90 countries
Factory Apavisa Porcelánico is a leading producer of gres porcelain.
The most important characteristics of Apavisa gres porcelain is that all the tiles have the same caliber.
This characteristics is very important for the architects.

Environmental concern is very important nowadays, that is why Apavisa strictly follows the norms of production, regulated by Environmental policy.
All the elements used in production which have no ecological substitute Apavisa submits to a cleaning and recycling process for reuse in a future production process.
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