Eiffelgres was among the first ceramic tiles manufactures who was aimed at producing ecologically safe materials.

Founded in 2001
The factory is focused mainly on producing gres porcelain.
Eiffelgres' plant in Viano, in the province of Reggio Emilia, is one of the world's most technologically advanced, in which a process involving interaction between human resources and innovative software programmes produces tiles that reproduce natural stones with kaolin clays, quartzes and feldspars.

Hardness, frostproofness and waterproofness are the primary qualities of this material, which maintains all the charm of natural stone with no need for enamels.
Color runs right through the mass of material to create a tone-on-tone look that reproduces the hues of nature.

Calibrated sizes allow plenty of room for creativity in compositional effects created with Eiffelgres products, while maintenance of the materials' performance is guaranteed for years.

Thanks to the capacity of the production to create always exactly the same size, it is not significant whether it is the same lot or not.

Anytime you can order the required item from the assortment and it will be always in the same shade and caliber.

The new technologies allow the factory Eiffelgres to produce thin tiles, maintaining all the advantages of the gres porcelain.

Thanks to its high resistance and durability characteristics, gres porcelain can be used for the internal and external use, and also in zones with high traffic.
Founded in 2001
The factory is focused mainly on producing gres porcelain.
A choice that will ensure Eiffelgres stands out among technical porcelain stoneware manufacturers. This drive, supported by major investment, has allowed the company to qualify for the most illustrious acknowledgements of the certification institutions, obtaining quality marks such as ISO9001, 14 001, ANAB и LEED.
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