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Ceramic floor tiles and floor stoneware can be used both as a floor covering indoors, and for facing platforms and stairs on the street. Floor ceramic tiles are made of special shale clays of a fine fraction, since the scope of application of ceramic floor tiles assumes a number of features that distinguish it from other types of tiles. This is, first of all, increased strength and resistance to abrasion, anti-slip surface, moisture resistance, resistance to household detergents and frost resistance, which is especially important for tiles on the floor used outdoors.

In addition, ceramic floor tiles are great for implementing design ideas for creating original interiors and facades. The ability to create a single-color surface in the production process (unlike, for example, natural stone or marble), a huge variety of colors, sizes and shapes allows you to provide an individual approach to each project as much as possible.
Floor ceramic tiles are made of special shale clays of a fine fraction.
If we compare it with other finishing materials made of ceramics, porcelain stoneware has appeared recently. The homeland of ceramic granite can be considered Italy, where it is called "gres porcellanato", then there is "stone-ceramic porcelain". This name is explained by the fact that porcelain stoneware is similar to # nbsp; porcelain in its production method, and in its properties and appearance — to stone.
Today, ceramic granite has deservedly taken a leading position among finishing materials. Such popularity of porcelain stoneware is due to its outstanding strength and wear resistance, due to the very high density of the material. In the production process of ceramic granite, tiles formed from the prepared mass are subjected to very high pressure in hydraulic presses, as a result of which there are no even small voids in the ready-made tiles made of porcelain stoneware, after which firing is performed at a temperature of more than 1200C.
Thanks to this, porcelain stoneware has an extremely low water absorption-less than 0.5%, which means high frost resistance. The main reason for the destruction of materials at low temperatures is the presence of water falling out in the form of condensate in the pores and voids, and then freezing. Due to the high density of porcelain stoneware, there is simply no place for water to accumulate. Therefore, even with repeated significant lowering of the temperature and subsequent defrosting, ceramic granite does not crack. Attention is drawn to the fact that porcelain stoneware has greater strength and wear resistance than natural stone.

The GRESTYLE company offers porcelain stoneware wholesale, the price for ceramic granite for author's interiors and other original projects confidently competes with the prices for porcelain stoneware from other suppliers.
The homeland of ceramic granite can be considered Italy, where it is called "gres porcellanato", then there is "stone-ceramic porcelain".
Facing ceramic tiles are produced in various ways on the basis of white and red clay. The production technology determines the main properties and the price of facing ceramic tiles. For example, ceramic wall tiles are produced by the so-called bicotture-a method involving two phases of tile firing, during the second, enamel is fired, which is not characterized by high surface strength, since this facing ceramic tile is not designed to withstand constant mechanical loads and is used for wall cladding indoors.

Manufacturers offer a variety of designs of ceramic tiles for walls: various textures, textures, colors and formats. It is necessary to take into account the method of production of facing ceramic tiles, focusing on the intended scope of application.
Bicottura (Bicottura) is an enameled ceramic tile designed for lining walls indoors. Enamel gives the tile shine and allows you to display a drawing of any design, and also protects the ceramic body of the tile from moisture penetration.
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